A blue and white police badge is imposed on the background behind the words: I back the blue, How about you?


The I Back the Blue; How About You program promotes a healthy relationship between communities and law enforcement by sponsoring open communication, education, and training. The Police Bike Support Group has partnered with One Safe Place in developing the I Back the Blue; How About You program. Together these two non-profit organizations will embark on initiatives that raise money to support police and community training programs that foster a positive climate between the police, the community, and businesses.

Here’s how you can Back the Blue

A T-shirt with a picture of the map of Texas on the front, with a blue banner stretched across it.

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Proceeds from our shirt sales go directly into funding community and police training programs. In addition, for every shirt we sell, we provide a police officer with a shirt to give to a child in their community. Visit our website to see the latest designs, they are a cool addition to any wardrobe!

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Help us spread the word by sharing a video on your favorite social media channel! All you have to do is wear your shirt, and say, “I back the blue, how about you? Visit doyoubacktheblue.org to find out how you can show your support!”

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back the blue?

Police officers put themselves in harm’s way everyday to protect the citizens of our community. Our goal is to show law enforcement that citizens appreciate their efforts, and to bring law enforcement and the communities they serve together.